Welding (Pressure Pipe Tig Welding and On-Site Welding)

City to Coast Architectural are based in Geelong, servicing Melbourne, Surf Coast, Ballarat and the South West district of Victoria for metal fabrication.

Our metal fabricators are experienced professionals specialising in:

  • Pressure pipe Tig welding; and
  • On-site welding.

Tig (Tungsten inert gas) is the process of welding reactive metals together – this means you can execute an array of weld types on a number of different metals including steel and aluminium. We provide high quality Tig welding services for all industries.

Do you need a welder at your construction site? Our on-site welding service means we will send out our highly capable professionals as soon as you need them.

For Tig welding and on-site welding enquiries, please contact us.

Our other services include breakpress and guillotining and aluminium repairs in Geelong.