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Stainless steel staircases a stylish choice for Geelong homes

April 30, 2018

At City to Coast Architectural we can help you turn you home into a statement of style with a custom-made staircase.

As specialists when it comes to architectural steel work, we skilfully craft stainless steel staircases Geelong clients will use and admire for decades.

Team the sleek and stylish look of stainless steel with our custom-made balustrades of the same material and you create a focal design element that can anchor your home’s look.

Stainless steel is one of architecture and design’s on-trend performers. With great characteristics including durability and versatility, it works well across a range of home styles.

Whether you have an industrial-look home, converted warehouse or sleek modern residence, these staircases are a natural fit. And if you craft the staircase backbone and handrail in stainless steel, then team it with timber steps, it can look amazing in older homes too.

Our City to Coast Architectural team has years of experience in fabricating quality architechtural steel work for residential, commercial and industrial clients. We know how good this material can look in people’s residences and we’re excited to know our creations are fitting seamlessly into multi-storey houses across the region and further afield.

Staircases are a necessity when you have a multi-storey residence. From a practical point, clearly you have to be able to get from one floor to another easily and safely. From an aesthetic point, why not make that journey a stylish one every step of the way with stainless steel staircases in Geelong.

Perhaps you like the clean cut lines of zig-zag stairs in a polished metal finish? Maybe floating stairs are more your style. Or is an exposed central steel beam anchoring the steps the look you are after? Glass and timber accents match beautifully with stainless steel, giving clients a range of decor options to make their staircase, balustrade and handrail a design showpiece.

When it comes to stainless steel staircases Geelong clients can’t go wrong with our talented team. Contact us at City to Coast Architectural to discuss your stairway project today.