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Geelong balustrades for two-storey homes

December 22, 2017

A push for higher-density housing coupled with less available land is translating to smaller blocks in many urban centres.

And that means people are turning to two-storey homes to deliver adequate living space on a smaller footprint.

At City to Coast Architectural, we can help people turn their staircases and balconies into statements of style and safety by creating great-looking Geelong balustrades. We’re specialists when it comes to architectural steel work and our stainless steel handrails and balustrades add a quality design touch to homes across Geelong, the region and further afield.

So why are balustrades and handrails so important? Put simply, it’s a matter of safety. No-one wants a family member, friend or guest injured in a fall off a stairwell or balcony. Balustrades, which are required by law, provide a protective barrier against such an accident.

And while they have a serious safety function, when they’re well designed and manufactured they can fulfil important interior design elements too and enhance your home’s appeal.

As Geelong balustrades and handrail specialists, we love the look, feel and strength of stainless steel and its ability to create a sleek, contemporary touch in homes. We can also help with glass balustrades too, which open up your space and team beautifully with stainless steel handrails.

Every two-storey house needs stairs for access and those stairs must be safe. So make them stylish too, with help from the experienced team at City to Coast Architectural.

We produce quality work that complies with relevant standards and regulations, providing clients with peace of mind and great Geelong balustrades.

If you are planning a two-storey home or renovating an existing one, please contact us for more information about our quality balustrades and handrails.