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Your glass balustrading specialists in Geelong

April 28, 2017

If you’ve got a beautiful view from your balcony, why block it? If your staircase needs a light touch, don’t hem it in. And if you have a pool, go for clear visual access for a safe and stylish option.

By using glass balustrading Geelong people can find a solution to all the above scenarios. It’s such a versatile, practical and clever design option that fits seamlessly into a range of applications for family homes, offices, commercial businesses and even industrial spaces. Combine it with steel, and you have a design marriage made in heaven.

At City to Coast Architectural, we’re the specialists in glass balustrades Geelong clients turn to for a quality result for their property. We can help you select the perfect design for your premises or we’re happy to create a custom-designed glass balustrade from your specs. Whatever your choice, we won’t let you down.

Frameless glass balustrades are a popular option across the region, providing unobstructed views. And let’s face it, when you live in such a beautiful part of the world, with great beaches, natural bush, countryside and urban appeal, why wouldn’t you want to celebrate the scenery from your balcony?

The frameless look also comes up trumps in staircases too, providing a safe barrier to protect people without impacting on natural light. And, when placed around a backyard pool, you can keep a clear eye on the swimmers without detracting from the look of your garden and outdoor environment.

While the look is definitely a winner with glass balustrading Geelong and coastal clients can also rest assured the product lives up to Australian standards too in terms of toughness and safety. The fact that it provides a solid barrier, unlike some other forms of balustrade, is another plus for many people. They are also easy to install.

At City to Coast Architectural, we’ve build a name for creating glass balustrade solutions in Geelong. Our professional team sets the bar high when it comes to standard of work and we take pride in delivering top results for every client, every job.

For glass balustrades Geelong people can trust our team for quality advice and quality work. Please contact us at City to Coast Architectural for more information.